Amos Scott

Director, Producer, Writer, Camera Operator

Born in Yellowknife, Amos grew up around cameras, learning from his dad who worked as a cameraman at that time. After going to Journalism School, Amos found further experience in media as a VJ at APTN National News and radio broadcaster at both CBC North and CKLB in Yellowknife.

Amos is a founding member of Dene Nahjo, a collective of young northerners working towards celebrating and teaching northern cultures and fostering emerging leaders in the north. He is also president of the NWT Professional Media Association and a Director with the Aboriginal Association of Media Producers.

In 2003, Amos was selected as an up and coming photographer in Photolife Magazine.

Guilty Pleasure

Red Wine, and photography blogs. I can spend hours reading about, or looking at photography.

Favourite shoot on Dene A Journey

Behgadeh (Keele River) because there are so many trails and the area is a super old travel route for mountain dene. The mountains are beautiful and wildlife is everywhere. I just love it. My imagination is set free. I could explore up there for years.

Any funny/scary/inspiring stories from while you were on location

The most poignant for me was listening to Lillian Elias, in Renelta Arluk’s episode, talking about hope for her language, saying that it is not dying but only sleeping. There is so much hope and poetry in those words for our indigenous languages.

“When not working on Dene A Journey I’m…”

Hanging with my family. I travel so much during filming the show, I am always super happy to stay at home and hang out with my girls and my nephews.

Favourite food

Caribou meat… frozen or cooked or dried, I love eating caribou meat. Total soul food.