Jess Strothard


Originally from Kitchener, Ontario and now residing in Yellowknife, Jess has been editing short films, documentaries, wedding films and creating same-day edits since 2002.

In 2009 Jess was accepted into the mentorship program through the Documentary Organization of Canada, BC Chapter (DOCBC) in 2009 where she was mentored by Maureen Palmer, a producer at CBC working on the feature ‘Cat Crazed’ on CBC’s DocZone. In 2010, Jess adapted a broadcast DocZone film into a 30 minute video for the International Association of Collaborative Practice which included working with Erica Johnson from the CBC Television show ‘Marketplace’ for narration. For two years she also worked for Cloud Nine Creative, where she edited high-end wedding films including Michael Buble’s Canadian wedding party.

Jess won Best Editor at the 2013 Dead North Film Festival for her work on the short film ‘Captive’. She was nominated for Best Editing for the film ‘One Cadillac Drive’ at the North Shore Film Festival in 2009.

Jess remains actively involved with DOCBC, the Toronto International Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival and HotDocs, the Canadian International Film Festival.

Favourite shoot on Dene A Journey

We shot at the ice caves by Back Bay, which was really neat, slippery with the melting ice. We saw a snowshoe hare. Two weeks before that I was there with my family and a coyote was stalking our dog, but we made it out safely.

“When not working on Dene A Journey I’m…”

Taking care of my toddler Azzie.

Guilty pleasure

Coconut Bliss Ice cream.

Dream shoot/project

Working with Martin Scorsese, and producing my own feature and premiering it at TIFF.

Never leave home without

Diapers and Snacks.