Molly Milligan

Associate Producer, Television and Digital Media, Camera Operator

Originally from Yellowknife, Molly opted to forego college after graduating from high school and instead, booked it to the mountains (Whistler, BC to be exact) where she spent 10 plus years living the dream as a competitive and professional snowboarder.

Film, photography and digital media are an integral part of the snowboard industry. Molly’s exposure and experience in these different facets during her snowboard career is what connects her to her role with the Dene A Journey team.

Any funny/scary/inspiring stories from while you were on location

I drank too much coffee before our flight to Deline for Jay Gilday’s episode, and after two failed attempts to land, the pilots decided we had to head to Norman Wells, which was another half hour away. I couldn’t wait any longer, sprinted to the back of the four seater Navajo and expertly peed into a barf bag. When the pilots picked us up the following week, they gifted me with my very own portable pee-pack. Awesome.

Astrological sign

Aries. Which means I love adventure and have no shortage of confidence. Pretty accurate for sure.

Guilty pleasure

Million-Dollar Listing NY, Ice Cream and Chips.

Dream shoot/project

I’m just really excited for the future, when I have the skill necessary to be able to translate my visions into any photography project I’m working on.

“When not working on Dene A Journey I’m…”

Dreaming up future awesome projects.