Pablo Saravanja

Camera Operator

A Yellowknife original, Pablo began his lucrative photography career when he was just 14 years old, taking polaroid pictures of tourists and selling them as souvenirs. He later attended the Western Academy of Photography in Victoria for Photojournalism as well as the Gulf Island Film and Television School for their intensive Documentary Filmmaking workshop.

Pablo held title for fastest backstroke in the B Division at the Polar Bear Swim Club before dropping out. He is also currently the President of Western Arctic Moving Pictures (WAMP) and a co-founder of the NWT Professional Media Association.

Any funny/scary/inspiring stories from while you were on location

During Mason Mantla’s trip, which had temperatures falling to -50 some nights, I was learning how to use a steady cam that had to be strapped to my body and required that I leave my jacket undone to use it. After travelling and filming on the back of a ski-doo for two hours one day, I got back to camp so, so cold and realized the inner strap for the steady cam was actually (now) freezing-cold metal, which had been strapped to my core all day. Coldest day of my life and I didn’t warm up for the rest of the trip.

Guilty Pleasure

Pop Diva’s ie Beyonce and J. Lo

Favourite shoot on Dene A Journey

The whale hunt episode with Reneltta. Watching the children at the camp singing the song ‘Baby Beluga’ in front of the beluga whale the hunters had just harpooned was pretty incredible.


Captain Canuck and the “wicked” version of Conan the Barbarian, the virgin slayer.

Never leave home without

Arm-bands, baby wipes and a hair tie.