New season, website raise profile of Dene A Journey

Six new episodes of Northern-made TV series coming later this year by Meagan Wohlberg (Northern Journal) A new website boasting beautiful behind the scenes footage, elders’ stories, indigenous language and information on the people and places of the NWT might accomplish more than simply promoting the hit Northern TV show, Dene A Journey. It could make it part of a greater movement, says writer, director and producer Amos Scott. “Dene A Journey as a brand or movement is something that has the potential to become more than a TV show,” said Scott, who launched the show’s innovative new website last week in preparation for the premiere of the show’s second season this year on APTN. “Ultimately that’s the end goal, right? The TV show is fun to do and fun to watch, but the end goal is to have people take the initiative within their daily lives to reconnect to the land and see what kind of value that has for their personal lives.” Dene A Journey, which debuted on APTN in 2012, is a documentary series that tells the story of young, urban indigenous people on a trek to reconnect with their culture and, ultimately, themselves. As the first…

Edge YK Interview

Edge YK Interview

Amos Scott summer of 2012 INTRO: A second-generation Northern communicator, Amos has worked at a variety of media outlets from APTN to CBC. Now working for the Native Communications Society’s NCS Productions, he’s the creator/producer of Dene A Journey, a six- part documentary series set to air nationally on APTN next year. EDGE: What’s Dene A Journey about? Scott: “In a nutshell, it’s a reconnection story. Dene A Journey gives a young Aboriginal person an opportunity to leave their urban environment and their modern life and to reconnect with their cultural and ancestral life by going out into a remote bush camp.” E: I understand part of the idea flowed out of the old Our Dene Elders TV show, but explain the show for someone who’s never seen it. S: “Our Dene Elders was a TV show produced by the Native Communications Society for APTN. As a show, it was simply elders, talking about their lives in their languages. It was a pretty basic set up in terms of production value, just a camera in one position for the most part, filming the elder talking about their lives. But APTN decided they didn’t want that anymore. They wanted us to…


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Dene A Journey Microsite Launched – Thanks to APTN! Each week follow a new journey of discovery as a different people undertake the task of discovering their traditional Dene language and culture by going out and experiencing time-honoured activities. Go to


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By MEAGAN WOHLBERG, Northern Journal Reporter A new television series focused on the efforts of young Dene people in the Northwest Territories to relearn parts of their language and culture is set to premiere on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) in January.